N.Nigmatulin welcomed FRG group of parliamentarians

Astana, April 12, House of Mazhilis. Today the Chairman of the Mazhilis Nurlan Nigmatulin has met with the members of German-Central Asian parliamentary group of Bundestag. German delegation headed by the deputy Manfred Grund has been on visit to Kazakhstan from April 11-15.

The Parties discussed promising areas for further strengthening of Kazakh-German relationships, including interparliamentary component.

Parliamentarians stated trust-based dialogue, mutual understanding and interest of both parties in development of cooperation, which are the basis of political relationships between Kazakhstan and Germany.

By the Chairman of the Mazhilis, the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev always pays special attention to development of cooperation with Germany.

As N.Nigmatulin noted, FRG is one of the leading trade and economic and investment partners of our country in the European Union. According to the Speaker of the Mazhilis, last year the volume of foreign trade turnover between the two countries was 1,7 bn.

The prospects of participation of Germany in implementation of industrial and innovative development programs of Kazakhstan as well as on the possibilities to create high-technology joint enterprises in Kazakhstan with a focus on the markets of EEU, Central Asia and China were also discussed.

Continuing the theme of strengthening of trade and economic relationships, the Speaker of the Mazhilis expressed his hope for early ratification of the Agreement of Extended Partnership and Cooperation between Kazakhstan and European Union by the Bundestag.

Talking about “EXPO-2017” in Astana, N.Nigmatulin invited German colleagues to participate in the upcoming exhibition and expressed confidence that German national pavilion will be very popular among Kazakh and foreign guests.

Special attention was paid to regional safety issues. N.Nigmatulin informed German colleagues on priorities of Kazakhstan within the membership in UNSC, including – political regulation and improvement of social and economic situation in Afghanistan, fighting against international terrorism and extremism.

Manfred Grund called Kazakhstan the guarantor of stability in Central Asia, within this having underlined the objective of Germany to be such a guarantor in Europe.

As the Speaker of Mazhilis noted, our country intends to strengthen interaction with Germany on the international stage by conducting regular consultations, coordination of efforts, mutual support of initiatives and positions.

N. Nigmatulin told German colleagues on the main principles of constitutional reform in our country, having underlined further development of democratic processes, strengthening of people power, increase of responsibility of the Government and the Parliament in maintaining presidential government.

- Creation of public structures, conducting economic reforms, creation and development of social system and within this following the democracy way – is the great challenge and Kazakhstan successfully overcame it, - M.Grund said.

(O.Abramova 74-68-44, photo taken by Zh.Kusspanov. Distributed by press-service of the Mazhilis)

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