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China’s Youth Parliamentary Delegation visits the Mazhilis

                Astana, 16th of November, House of the Mazhilis. Today the Chairman of the Mazhilis Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security Maulen Ashimbayev met with the youth delegation of the National People's Congress of China headed by MP Ms. Hu Dagula.

                Our MP congratulated the Chinese representatives on the successful holding of the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China (October 18-24) and expressed good wishes to the guests.

The main topic of the discussion was the expansion of relations between the representatives of the parliaments of the two countries regarding youth policy.

This is the first official visit of the Chinese youth delegation to Kazakhstan. According to Hu Dagula, such meetings reveal new opportunities for cooperation between young parliamentarians of both countries.

                During the meeting, the parliamentarians also covered the issues of strengthening relations in the trade and economic and investment sector. Maulen Ashimbayev said that our country attached great significance to the development of interregional cooperation and that China was one of the largest trade and economic partners of Kazakhstan.

                Having underlined China’s noble accomplishments in renewable energy, the MP thanked the Chinese side for an active engagement in EXPO-2017.

   As the parties noted, the delivery of the Cooperation Plan on Joining the New Economic Policy "Nurly Zhol" and the "One Belt, One Way" Strategy will significantly enable both states to develop a transport and industrial infrastructure.  

                The sides mentioned that this year was a milestone – the month of January marked the 25th year since the two states launched diplomatic ties.

                In conclusion of the conversation, the MPs agreed on the need to support further strengthening of the parliamentary links between the two countries, including between young MPs.

                Narine Mikaelyan and Bakhtiyar Maken, the deputies of the Mazhilis have also attended the meeting.


(Moldir Musa746304. Disseminated by the Press Office of the Mazhilis. Photo by Zhaslan Kuspanov.)



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