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Mazhilis to consider bills on public control and regulation of liquefied gas turnover

Astana, May 19, Mazhilis House. Under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Chamber Yerlan Koshanov, a meeting of the Bureau of the Mazhilis was held, at which a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary meeting was formed.

A draft law “On ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on the organization of information exchange and simplification of customs control procedures” is submitted for discussion by the deputies.

The ratification of the Agreement will increase the efficiency and reduce the time of customs control through the electronic exchange of information on goods and vehicles moved between the territories of states.

In the second reading, the deputies will have to consider the bills "On public control" and amendments on the reengineering of processes for regulating the circulation of liquefied gas.


Press service of the Mazhilis - 74-63-05







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