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The Chairman of the Mazhilis on behalf of the Head of State congratulated the United Arab Emirates on the National Day

Astana, November 22. Speaker of the Mazhilis Erlan Koshanov took part in the gala event dedicated to the National Day of the United Arab Emirates. On behalf of the Head of State and members of parliament, he congratulated the people and leadership of the friendly country on the holiday.

The Chairman of the Mazhilis thanked the UAE for its comprehensive support for Kazakhstan from the first days of independence and emphasized that the friendship between the two countries has grown stronger over the years.

Erlan Koshanov noted that over half a century the Emirates has become a powerful state with a thriving economy. He particularly emphasized the development of constructive bilateral ties between Kazakhstan and the UAE and the strengthening of cooperation in all areas.

- Ties between our countries are developing fruitfully, largely thanks to the consonant policies of the heads of our states. In January of this year, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich Tokayev made an official visit to the United Arab Emirates. This meeting set a new level for political dialogue and trade and economic cooperation between our countries. We, in turn, intend to continue this work to deepen partnership also at the parliamentary level, - said the Speaker of the Mazhilis.

Erlan Koshanov drew attention to the fact that the United Arab Emirates has become a center of advanced technologies, effectively implementing projects to introduce renewable energy sources around the world. In this regard, he wished success to the 28th UN Climate Change Conference, which will soon be held in Dubai.

- Similar values and aspirations, constructive policies and mutual respect between the two peoples have made Kazakh-UAE relations a model of fruitful cooperation. And I am sure that cooperation between our friendly states has great potential, -  said Erlan Koshanov.


Press service of the Mazhilis 74-66-20. Photo by Zh. Zhumabekova.

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