"International Affairs, Defense and Security Committee Support"

Zere Oryntaykyzy UTEBAYEVA
Head of Department of support of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security
She was born on 6 of December in 1969. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Economics and Law and the Post-Graduate in the Institute of Socio-Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Lawyer, PhD in political sciences. Since April 2016 – Deputy head of the Administration of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

She was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan and several commemorative medals.

Functions of the department

The section performs work on advisory and organizational support of the legislative and other activities of the deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament, preparation and holding of the meetings of standing committees; parliamentary hearings, government hours, conferences, roundtables and other activities in accordance with the work plan of the Mazhilis of the Parliament for the regular session.