"Organization, Control and Staff"

Yerkegali Amantaiuly Alimkulov
Head of the Department of Organizational-Control and Personnel Work

Functions of the department

The section performs work on organizational support of the activities of deputies, preparation and holding of joint meetings of the Chambers of the Parliament and the meetings of the Mazhilis, Bureau of the Mazhilis, government hour, ensures participation of deputies of the Chamber in official events, carries out processing of personnel documents of the deputies of Mazhilis and the staff of the Office, keep personal records. The section prepares draft decrees, draft work plans of the Mazhilis, instructions on vacations and official missions of deputies, employment, dismissal and missions of the Office staff, prepares service certificates. Executes documents for nomination of deputies of Mazhilis and public servants of the Office for state awards. Organizes work on training and professional development of public servants, provides control of compliance with the regulations of the labour code of RK and internal regulations.