Nurlan Nigmatullin, Chairman of the Mazhilis: Our President is Opening New Horizons of Spiritual Development


Link: Kazakhstanskaya Pravda No. 71 (28450) http://www.kazpravda.kz/articles/view/prezident-otkrivaet--novie-gorizonti--duhovnogo-razvitiya/

Both the world community and our fellow citizens are very well aware of how the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Nation's Leader, with his unique vision of the future that encompasses all major areas of life of the society in Kazakhstan – economy, politics, spiritual and cultural sphere – successfully builds long-term development prospects for our country.

This is why in the furtherance of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev put forward a large-scale project of modernization of the consciousness of the entire Kazakhstani society and every Kazakhstani in continuation of the political reform and economic modernization agenda.

The six main directions of spiritual modernization proposed by the Head of State in the article "Direction into the future: spiritual revival" – competitiveness of our nation, pragmatism, preservation of national identity, cult of knowledge, evolutionary development of Kazakhstan and openness of perception and consciousness – are reformatory novelties in the spiritual sphere of Kazakhstan.

The President emphasizes that we should not forget about the spiritual values – that play a vital role in the development of any nation - while we focus on technologies and innovations, the development of new industries and the modern infrastructure.

Only highly educated and spiritually enriched people can respond flexibly to new challenges of time and make right decisions. Therefore, it is very important that the article contains a number of concrete measures in the form of relevant and popular socio-political and cultural and educational projects, each of which is aimed at realizing the ideas of our Leader.

I am confident that the new large-scale tasks of modernization of public consciousness, as set by the Leader of the Nation, will open new horizons for the spiritual development of our people.