Nigmatulin: inspired by the ideas of the President, our people built a prosperous state

Astana, November 27. House of Mazhilis. Chairman of the Mazhilis Nurlan Nigmatulin called “Nazarbayev’s model” one of the main features of Kazakhstan reforming.

The Speaker of the Mazhilis shared his vision of the main stages of our country modernization at the International Parliament Conference devoted to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Kazakhstan modernization model in a new global reality” which is held in Astana.

Speaking before the foreign guests, N.Nigmatulin noted that despite the pessimistic forecasts, the people, inspired by the ideas of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev, having overcome all difficulties and trials, managed to build a strong, prosperous state, which today is respected by the whole world.

This was made possible by the full-scale presidential reforms that ensured sustainable economic growth, fair social policy, and a steady democratization of society.

- Our present success is the result of selfless, painstaking work of all Kazakhstan people under the leadership of their National Leader, - Nurlan Nigmatulin pointed out.

Speaking about the Kazakhstan modernization model, the Speaker of the Mazhilis noted several features common for all the three stages of the country reforming.

This is primarily the single authorship of all Kazakhstan reforms.

- The First President Nursultan Nazarbayev is the main ideologist and the author of the country's renovation idea. It is the Leader of the Nation who is rightfully considered the main creator and ideological inspirer of the cardinal reforms in Kazakhstan. Speaking about the Kazakhstan modernization model, it would be correct to call it “Nazarbayev’s Model”, - the Chairman of the Chamber emphasized.

The common features include continuity and a comprehensive scale of modernization.

The Speaker of the Mazhilis noted the progressive nature of modernization throughout the history of independent Kazakhstan, calling the President a politician, expanding the horizons, who always sets a new benchmark for himself and his people when success is achieved.

Nurlan Nigmatulin also focused on three areas of Kazakhstan modernization model, such as: a new level of technological and infrastructural modernization; a new constitutional reform and further political modernization, as well as spiritual modernization and renewal of the national consciousness.

- The comprehensive nature of the country modernization requires an active involvement of all the citizen of the country in such an important work. Undoubtedly, this requirement applies first of all to the corps of civil servants, and especially to us - the deputies of the highest representative authority of the country fulfilling the legislative power, - the Speaker of the Mazhilis said.

N.Nigmatulin also drew the attention of the conference participants on the close connection between Kazakhstan modernization process and the world trends.

- It is not just about the impact of modern challenges on Kazakhstan reforms. There is also a feedback, which is expressed by the active role of Kazakhstan in forming of the global agenda, - the Speaker of the Mazhilis said.

First of all, these are the initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan on the global nuclear disarmament, combating extremism and terrorism, on formation of the regional security zone in Central Asia, and Kazakhstan's peacekeeping efforts on cessation of hostilities between the warring sides in Syria.

- Therefore, it is quite natural that it is Kazakhstan that has become the first country in the Central Asia elected as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. The implementation of the global policy initiatives of Nursultan Nazarbayev somehow changed and changes the modern picture of the world, - the Speaker of the Mazhilis noted.

Noting that the Program of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan has all the prerequisites for successful implementation, N.Nigmatulin focused on the key advantages. They include a specific algorithm of actions that determines the place and role of state bodies, civil society institutions and all Kazakhstan people as a whole; impressive human and natural resources, as well as a common desire for new changes in the entire Kazakh society.

- A distinctive feature of Kazakh people is their confidence in their forces, confidence in the inviolability of our values of Independence, our unity and cohesion around the ideas of the Leader of the Nation. It is this trinity - a single country, a single Nation, a single Leader - that currently are and will be the key factors in the success of the Kazakhstan model of the country's modernization, - Nurlan Nigmatulin said.

The leaders of the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, as well as the Permanent UN Coordinator in Kazakhstan, Norimas Shimomura, attend the forum.

The forum also involves the members of Armenian, Indian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Tajik parliaments, as well as the parliament of the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to parliamentarians, representatives of the diplomatic corps, the international expert community, and a number of NGOs, in particular Ariel Cohen, Director of the Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics of the Institute for Global Security Analysis (USA), are among the forum participants.

(Press service of the Mazhilis, photo taken by Zh.Kuspanov)

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