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The Mazhilis adopted amendments on issues of payments to children from the National Fund in the second reading

Astana, September 20, House of the Mazhilis. Deputies of the Mazhilis adopted the law “On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of payments to children from the National Fund” in the second reading, and also ratified a number of international agreements today at a plenary meeting.

Amendments to the issues of payments to children from the National Fund were initiated by parliamentarians in order to launch the corresponding project of the Head of State. Today at a plenary meeting, deputies of the Mazhilis adopted them in the second reading.

As Berik Beisengaliev, a member of the Committee on Finance and Budget, said, the bill provides for the deduction of 50% of the annual investment income of the National Fund to special savings accounts for children until they reach the age of 18. With these funds in the future they will be able to improve their living conditions in Kazakhstan or get an education, including at a foreign educational institution.

“Until the child reaches 18 years of age, the accrued funds will be in the National Fund and will continue to be invested by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in financial instruments. All children will be treated equally. That is, the same amount will be credited to the account of each child for the corresponding year of his participation in the program, starting from the date of birth or receipt of Kazakh citizenship until he reaches 18 years of age,” the deputy explained.

Berik Beisengaliev noted that the mechanism of savings and payments will be launched on January 1, 2024. It will be possible to use them only after reaching the age of majority, however, when changing or losing citizenship, children lose this right. The funds paid will be exempt from taxation.

Among other things, the bill clarifies measures to limit the possibility of suspension, arrest, confiscation of target savings and their payments, the rights of heirs to receive them in the event of the death or recognition of the deceased of the recipient, as well as the competence of the responsible government agencies.

The deputies also ratified two agreements, one of which regulates the creation of the Turkic Investment Fund.

“The Fund will be the first and main joint financial institution created by the Turkic states. Its activities will be aimed at mobilizing the economic potential of the member states of the Organization of Turkic States, supporting entrepreneurship, including small and medium-sized businesses, as well as growth and job creation,” Aydos Sarym, Secretary of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security, said in a co-report.

Within the TIF, Kazakhstan will have the opportunity to expand cooperation with international and national financial institutions, chambers of commerce and private organizations, as well as develop intraregional trade, expand transport and logistics chains, warehouse and production facilities.

Another agreement concluded between the governments of Kazakhstan and China concerns the exchange of information regarding citizens of both countries. It will create a legal basis for cooperation between the competent authorities of the parties in the field of migration and combating dual citizenship.

“The creation of a mechanism for the exchange of information regarding citizens in the field of migration will allow us to quickly detect such facts and take appropriate measures to prevent violations. Ratification of the agreement will contribute to further development, preservation of law and order, security and strengthening of bilateral cooperation between our countries,” Zharkynbek Amantai, a member of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial Reform, stressed speaking with a co-report.

In addition, today deputy Vera Kim was elected to the Committee on Ecology and Natural Resources Management. She joined the ranks of the AMANAT faction in the Mazhilis to replace Galymzhan Eleuov, who resigned his parliamentary powers. The day before, the Central Election Commission adopted a resolution to transfer the vacant mandate to Vera Kim. Let us remember that she was a deputy of the Majilis of the VII convocation from 2021 to January 2023.

At the end of the plenary session, the Majilismen sent a number of parliamentary requests to the responsible government bodies on current social and economic issues. All of them are available on the official website and Telegram channel of the Mazhilis официальном сайте and Telegram-канале.


Press service of the Mazhilis – 24-38-22. Courtesy of Zh. Zhumabekov



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