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The Majilis will consider a bill aimed at the development of science

Astana, February 23, House of the Mazhilis. A meeting of the Mazhilis Bureau was held under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Chamber Yerlan Koshanov, at which, according to the proposals of the relevant committees, a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary session was formed.

Legislative amendments on science issues developed by parliamentarians are being submitted for discussion by deputies. The bill provides for expanding the powers of local executive authorities in the field of science, increasing social guarantees and providing additional payments for teachers and researchers.

In the second reading, the majilismen will consider amendments on communications, digitalization and improving the investment climate in the field of informatization. The bill initiated by the deputies is aimed at developing telecommunications infrastructure, creating conditions for ensuring accessibility and improving the quality of communications in cities and rural settlements.

At the plenary session, it is also proposed to discuss ratification bills on international cooperation agreements within the CIS on the prevention and response to emergencies in the field of public health of a sanitary and epidemiological nature, on trade aspects of intellectual property rights, as well as the Treaty on Allied Relations with Uzbekistan.

The relevant committees will have to adopt new draft laws: on the organization of movement of certain types of vehicles and digitalization of road safety, as well as on issues of support for the tourism industry.


The press service of the Mazhilis - 74-63-05. Photo by J.Zhumabekova

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