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Deputies of Kazakhstan and Germany discussed bilateral cooperation

Astana, April 18, the House of the Mazhilis. Deputy Speaker of the Mazhilis Albert Rau met with Deputy of the Bundestag of Germany, Speaker on foreign policy of the faction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany Nils Schmid. The interlocutors discussed the prospects for the development of bilateral relations.


The Mazhilis discussed issues of tourism and sports development

Astana, April 18, the House of the Mazhilis. The Mazhilis Committee on Socio-Cultural Development, chaired by Askhat Aimagambetov, discussed topical issues of state regulation in the field of tourism, physical culture and sports. Minister of Tourism and Sports Yermek Marzhikpayev spoke about the work done and future plans.


The bill on regulating the movement of mopeds was approved by deputies in the first reading

Today, at the plenary session of the Mazhilis, deputies approved in the first reading draft laws on the organization of movement of certain types of vehicles and digitalization of road safety and amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. In the second reading, the laws "On Mass Media" and "On Science and Technology Policy" with accompanying amendments were adopted. A draft with amendments to the Law "On State Awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was also adopted.


MPs are concerned about the scale of the new wave of floods

The trips of the deputies of the Mazhilis to the flooded regions are continuing. Yedil Zhanbyrshin, Abzal Kuspan, Rinat Zaitov, Maksat Tolykbayev and Nartai Sarsengaliyev visited the city of Atyrau, Makhambet district and the city of Kulsary.


Deputies help regions prepare for a new wave of floods

April 12th. Mazhilismen continue to work in the regions affected by floods. In some localities, the water is receding, in others a new phase is expected. At meetings with citizens, deputies explain how the damage caused by the elements will be restored, and also help in preparing for future flooding.


The Mazhilis will consider the draft law "On Mass Media" in the second reading

Astana, April 12, the House of the Mazhilis. The Bureau of the Mazhilis, chaired by Yerlan Koshanov, has determined the draft agenda of the upcoming plenary session of the Chamber.


Deputies remain in flood-affected regions until the situation is fully stabilized

April 11. Large amounts of water continue to arrive in settlements in the northern and western regions of the country. The deputies of the Mazhilis remain in place to control the situation. They help with the organization of flood control works, as well as explain measures of state support to residents affected by flooding.


The Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia visited the Mazhilis

Astana, April 11. The House of the Mazhilis. Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Shalva Papuashvili, who arrived in Kazakhstan on an official visit, met with Speaker of the Mazhilis Yerlan Koshanov.


Deputies will take control of payments to victims of floods

he deputies of the Mazhilis continue to work in the regions affected by floods. Special attention is paid to areas where a difficult situation persists. In some localities, large amounts of water begin to recede, but residents cannot return to their homes, as they are uninhabitable.


The area of contrasts: the causes of flooding in the West Kazakhstan region were named by Majilisman Sergey Ponomarev

Deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament Sergey Ponomarev previously visited the West Kazakhstan region, where people are struggling to resist the elements. He inspected the affected areas, studied the scale of the disaster from the air and communicated with local residents. asked him to share his observations.


The deputies of the Mazhilis keep the situation in the flooded regions under their control

The deputies of the Mazhilis work in all flood-affected regions. Mazhilismen assist in the elimination of the consequences of a natural disaster, are in constant contact with residents and bring humanitarian aid.


The Mazhilis received the Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for Central Asia

Astana, April 9, the House of the Mazhilis. The Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for Central Asia, Farah Karimi, visited the Majilis. She was met by the Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs, Defense and Security of the Chamber, Aigul Kuspan, together with deputies Yulia Kuchinskaya and Azhar Sagandikova.


Timely assistance is provided to flood victims – deputies of the Mazhilis

Deputies of the Mazhilis continue to work with the population in flood-affected regions. Currently, the situation is stabilizing, the necessary assistance is being received in the settlements, work continues on water drainage and evacuation of residents.


Deputies of the Mazhilis continue to work in flood-affected regions

Deputies of the Mazhilis work in all regions affected by floods. Mazhilismen visit flooded settlements, meet with local residents, organize the delivery of humanitarian aid and the work of volunteers, as well as participate in the work of operational headquarters.


The Mazhilis will consider amendments regarding traffic

Astana, April 5, the House of the Mazhilis. A Bureau meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Speaker of the Mazhilis Yerlan Koshanov, at which a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary session was formed.


The Mazhilis approved the draft laws on public procurement and thermal energy in the first reading

The deputies of the Mazhilis approved the draft laws "On Thermal Energy" and "On Public Procurement" with accompanying amendments at the plenary session today.


It is not the price that is important, but the quality: Kazakhstan will change the legislation on public procurement

The rules of public procurement in Kazakhstan will be changed. The supplier will be determined by an automatic system, not by a competition commission.