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The Mazhilis will hold parliamentary hearings on the issues voiced at the National Kurultai

Astana, March 20, the House of the Mazhilis. Deputies of the Mazhilis at the plenary session today approved in the first reading the draft law "On combating human trafficking in the Republic of Kazakhstan" with accompanying amendments. The law on minimizing risks in lending and protecting the rights of borrowers passed the second reading.

The draft law on combating human trafficking was developed on behalf of the Head of State. Interior Minister Yerzhan Sadenov reported that it contains a new conceptual framework, for example, "victim of human trafficking", and has been brought into line with international standards.

There are four main areas: partnership, prevention, harassment and assistance. The partnership is carried out with authorized, state and local executive bodies, non-profit organizations providing social services to victims. Prevention covers the assessment of the risks of human trafficking, prevention measures and the procedure for redirecting victims to provide assistance. Prosecution is a reference norm for criminal legislation on all forms of human trafficking.

– All the available rights of victims of human trafficking are provided for in the draft. Combining them into a single act will simplify the process of combating this evil, help victims navigate their rights and protection measures. An algorithm is provided for working with victims from the moment of identification to the way out of this situation, regardless of nationality. The legal framework for providing assistance to potential victims is being created. A separate chapter is devoted to the protection of the rights of minors, the most vulnerable category," Yerzhan Sadenov stressed.

In his co-report, Marat Bashimov, a member of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Reform, added that the accompanying amendments introduce administrative liability for failure by officials of medical and organizations for orphans and children left without parental care to inform about the fact of abandonment of a newborn.

– In addition, it is important to bring to administrative responsibility those who do not conclude employment contracts with potential victims of human trafficking and minors. Criminal liability is being introduced for the organization of sexual services via the Internet. The definition of human trafficking has been expanded by means of involving citizens in illegal exploitation, which will give law enforcement agencies the opportunity to initiate criminal proceedings in all these cases," informed Marat Bashimov.

Following the debate, the deputies decided to approve the bills in the first reading.

The Majilis also adopted a law initiated by parliamentarians on minimizing risks in lending, protecting the rights of borrowers, regulating the financial market and improving enforcement proceedings in the second reading. According to the head of the working group Berik Beisengaliyev, during the work on the document after the first reading, the deputies introduced additional norms into it.

– They relate to the determination of the maximum amount of GES for loans and micro-loans, the introduction of a moratorium until 2026 on the sale of citizens' debts on bank loans and micro-loans to collection agencies, the exclusion of a special regulatory regime for so-called micro-loans before wages, the assignment of powers to the banking ombudsman to consider disputes only on bank loans and the introduction of the institute of a microfinance ombudsman with its competence to consider disputes on micro–loans," Berik Beisengaliyev explained.

In addition, it is proposed to establish a ban on eviction during the heating season of families in which persons with disabilities of the first or second groups live. Banks, organizations engaged in certain types of banking operations are prohibited from providing bank loans to an individual without the consent of a spouse. The process of granting deferred loan payments to military personnel for the duration of military service has been automated.

Majilis Speaker Yerlan Koshanov noted that this law was the answer to many complaints from citizens about their financial problems.

– The new norms provided for by this law create conditions to prevent Kazakhstanis from falling into debt. It also protects consumers from arbitrariness on the part of collectors. In general, the adopted law will contribute to a significant reduction in debt among the population. This will improve the social situation of our citizens, give them financial freedom and confidence," the Chairman of the Chamber stressed.

In addition, the Majilis ratified the Protocol on Amendments to the Kazakh-Chinese Agreement on Legal Assistance in Civil and Criminal Matters dated January 14, 1993. Minister of Justice Azamat Eskarayev said that the amendments clarify the functions of judicial authorities to provide legal assistance in the field of execution of decisions and petitions of foreign courts in Kazakhstan, as well as in terms of changing the competent authorities of both sides. This will contribute to a faster resolution of issues of protecting the legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities of Kazakhstan and China.

The Mazhilis also agreed with the amendments of the Senate to the Law "On Amendments and Additions to some legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on health issues."

In turn, the Committee on Socio-Cultural Development has adopted a new draft law on gambling, lotteries and lottery activities with accompanying amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences.

The Mazhilismen also sent 14 deputy requests to the responsible state bodies on topical social and economic topics. All of them are available on the official website and Telegram channel of the Mazhilis.

At the end of the plenary session, Speaker of the Mazhilis Yerlan Koshanov announced the holding of Parliamentary hearings on the issues voiced at the National Kurultai.

– The Head of State has identified the main guidelines for the spiritual, ideological and socio-economic development of the country aimed at improving the welfare of the people. The President's speech is a truly programmatic document. Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich voiced current problems and offered his strategic vision for their early solution. The Head of State also set a number of tasks for the deputies. Now we must urgently start work on their implementation," Yerlan Koshanov stressed.

The Chairman of the Mazhilis noted that, speaking at the Kurultai, the President expressed his position on the proposal of youth and public figures on the current Coat of Arms. He called on everyone to discuss this issue and come to a single balanced decision. Thus, the Head of State submitted the issue of the Coat of Arms to an open public discussion. Experts in the field of heraldry dealing with state symbols should also say their opinion.

– Our coat of arms should become the main symbol conveying our centuries-old history, achievements of our state, identity and special spirituality of our people. The most important thing is that it should become a state symbol that unites everyone, reflecting the aspirations of society for a bright future. This work will be handled by a special commission that organizes discussions with the public," Yerlan Koshanov said.

 The Speaker also noted that the President instructed to adopt by the end of the current session the draft law on combating ludomania, which was submitted to the Mazhilis today, developed on the initiative of parliamentarians. Solutions at the legislative level also require problems of drug production and distribution, vandalism and others. Legislation in the fields of archaeology, state symbols and state awards needs to be improved.

– I think it is necessary to hold parliamentary hearings on the issues raised at the National Kurultai. We need to define together our goals and objectives for the implementation of specific proposals put forward at this site," Yerlan Koshanov concluded.


The press service of the Mazhilis - 24-38-22. Photo by J. Zhumabekova, T. Tanybayeva

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