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The Mazhilis will consider draft laws on public procurement and thermal energy

Astana, March 29, the House of the Mazhilis. A Bureau meeting was held in the Mazhilis under the chairmanship of Speaker Yerlan Koshanov, at which, on the proposal of the relevant committees, a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary session was formed.

In the first reading, it is proposed to consider the government bill "On Public Procurement", developed on behalf of the Head of State on September 1, 2022.

The draft of the new law provides, in particular, for the introduction of public monitoring of contractors, especially for construction-related work. For these purposes, it is proposed to place work schedules in public access on the public procurement web portal with confirmation of reports on their execution (including using photo and video recordings), as well as monitoring by subjects of public control on the execution of public procurement contracts.

In order to support domestic producers, it is proposed to introduce a list of goods, works, services, purchases of which will be carried out among small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, a rating of potential suppliers is being implemented, formed by a web portal based on data and information from information systems. It is also envisaged to reduce the duration of public procurement from 2 months to 1 month, as well as optimize the number of grounds for procurement using a single source method.

The draft agenda of the plenary session in the first reading also includes the draft law "On Thermal Energy" with accompanying amendments developed by the Government. The draft laws establish the economic and legal basis for regulating the heat and power industry and ensuring its reliable and uninterrupted operation. State regulation of prices (tariffs), standards for mandatory accounting of thermal energy and heat carriers, as well as requirements for energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement are being introduced.


The press service of the Mazhilis - 74-63-05. Photo by J. Zhumabekova

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