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The Mazhilis approved the draft laws on public procurement and thermal energy in the first reading

Astana, April 3, House of the Mazhilis. The deputies of the Mazhilis approved the draft laws "On Thermal Energy" and "On Public Procurement" with accompanying amendments at the plenary session today.

The Mazhilis approved in the first reading the draft law "On Thermal Energy" with related projects on thermal energy and electric power, as well as on amendments and additions to the Code of Administrative Offenses. A separate law in the field of thermal energy in Kazakhstan is being developed for the first time.

Energy Minister Almasadam Satkaliyev said that the main draft law provides for the redistribution of competencies and responsibility for policy in the field of thermal energy, the revision of control functions for the thermal part and other areas.

– The entire industry will be monitored in order to develop the necessary measures for its further development. Currently, there is no data on monitoring the state of the thermal power industry in the country. The introduction of this tool will allow for a clearer understanding of the current state and will allow us to qualitatively predict the further development of the sphere," Almasadam Satkaliyev said.

The bill also provides for the introduction of long-term (20 years) and medium-term (5 years) master plans for the development of thermal power engineering developed by the local executive bodies of the relevant administrative-territorial unit (region, city, district). This document will be developed by akimats, and approved by maslikhats. It will be accessible to the public. 

In turn, the head of the working group, Edil Zhanbyrshin, informed that the competence for the production and transportation of thermal energy is transferred to the Ministry of Energy. And the authorized body in the field of housing and communal services will participate in the implementation of state policy in the field of thermal energy consumption.

– A new tool for planning the development of thermal energy is being introduced. The structure of the heat and power industry of our country is defined, the rights and obligations of subjects of heat supply and heat consumption are established. At the same time, the bill proposes a norm according to which, in case of emergency situations, the management of heat supply systems at energy facilities will be transferred to a specially created unified heat and power company," the deputy said.

According to him, in terms of the introduction of balancing market mechanisms and a single buyer of electricity, additions will be made aimed at reforming the electric power sector.

– The deputies introduced special provisions on the liquidation of energy supply organizations (ESOs), which unreasonably raise tariffs and receive excess profits without investing a dime in energy, and carry out intermediary activities. Since these amendments are conceptual, they are aimed at concluding the Government," explained Yedil Zhanbyrshin.

In the first reading, the Mazhilis also approved the draft law "On Public Procurement" with accompanying amendments on procurement and revision of legislative acts for excessive legislative regulation of norms, as well as amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses. They were presented to the deputies by Finance Minister Madi Takiev.

The speaker explained that the projects were developed in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State to create a new high-quality public procurement system. At the same time, priority should be given to the quality, rather than the low price of the purchased goods, works and services.

– Public monitoring is being introduced, especially for construction-related work. Proper control over the execution of the contract by the customer is one of the important conditions for improving the quality of construction. In this regard, it is proposed to make work schedules, reports on the execution of contracts publicly available, as well as to involve public councils in monitoring the execution of contracts," Madi Takiev said.

The draft of the new law is also aimed at simplifying and de-bureaucratizing the process. It is proposed to exclude the pre-admission stage, as well as to revise the deadlines for certain procedures. As a result, the total duration of the public procurement procedure will be reduced to one month.

According to the Ministry of Finance, work continues to improve purchases from a single source. It is proposed that in case of submission of one application for participation in the competition and recognition of its compliance with the qualification requirements, such purchases should be recognized as completed. This will significantly save time, as well as simplify the process, since the customer does not need to repeat the competition.

In addition, as the head of the working group Ruslan Kozhasbayev said in a co-report, it is proposed to purchase goods, works and services worth up to 3,000 MCI for rural akimats without holding a competition. The Working Group is considering increasing this threshold.

Issues related to the introduction of a new complaint mechanism, the conclusion of offtake contracts, strengthening supplier responsibility, and the introduction of a list of goods, works, and services to be procured among SMEs are also being worked out. Other standards are also being implemented, including further automation of procurement procedures and the creation of a single platform.

Summing up the discussion, Yerlan Koshanov noted that the issue of reviewing the public procurement system has been raised for several years. He recalled that the Head of State instructed to carry out a radical reform of this sphere, since public procurement directly affects the implementation of all socially important projects.

– I hope that the new law will have a positive impact on solving problematic issues in this area. A lot of work has been done. Now the bill needs to be finalized as soon as possible and submitted for a second reading, because the people are waiting for it. It is important that the business community and residents of the regions express their opinion on the new norms. Therefore, the relevant committee should hold a visiting meeting in one of the regions," the Speaker of the Chamber suggested to the deputies.

In addition, the Mazhilis adopted two new bills: amendments to the Law "On State Awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and the draft ratification of the Agreement between Kazakhstan and Vietnam on the transfer of convicted persons.

In the parliamentary inquiries, special attention was paid to floods. So, Maksat Tolykbayev, on behalf of the deputy corps, addressed a request to the Prime Minister. He asked the Government to strengthen preventive measures in flood-prone regions and take measures to support affected residents. Erbolat Satybaldin told about the massive loss of livestock in flood-affected villages.

In total, the Mazhilismen sent 11 deputy requests to state bodies on topical social and economic topics. All of them are available on the official website and Telegram channel of the Mazhilis.


The press service of the Mazhilis - 24-38-22. Photo by J. Zhumabekova, T. Tanybayeva



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