N.Nigmatulin: ideas of the Leader of the Nation have provided dynamic development of Kazakhstan

Astana, November 28, House of Mazhilis. In Astana, the Chairman of the Mazhilis Nurlan Nigmatulin has opened the International Conference “25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Outcomes. Accomplishments. Vision for Future”.

Speaking about the years of independence of Kazakhstan, the Speaker of the Mazhilis drew the attention of the forum participants to the peculiar role of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the establishment and successful development of our country.

-During two and a half decades of its recent history, Kazakhstan under the leadership of their Leader has passed an incredible way from the peripheral republics of the Soviet Union, in fact raw materials appendage of the Soviet Union, to a full-fledged member of the world community, a regional leader, a modern state with a strong economy and a stable society, - emphasized Nurlan Nigmatulin.

The Chairman of the Mazhilis reminded that development of market relations and the integration of Kazakhstan into the global economic system, the establishment of a new tax system, modern banking infrastructure, the formation of domestic entrepreneurship as well as new economic relations in the countryside were possible due to a radical reform of the Head of the state in all spheres.

N.Nigmatulin also noted that the legal framework for the dynamic development of the national economy has been formed under the leadership of the President of Kazakhstan. According to the Speaker of the Mazhilis, Kazakhstan was the first among the former Soviet countries who adopted laws “On foreign investments” and “On state support of direct investments”. This has allowed our country to enter the top three most dynamic economies in the world, and the inflow of foreign direct investment over 25 years amounted to more than 260 billion Dollars.

Among the most important achievements, the Speaker of the Mazhilis noted the establishment of the National Fund, an increase in productivity, an increase in industrial output by 10 times, in wages - by 17 times, as well as the creation of more than 2 million working places.

- People's choice at the dawn of Independence proved absolutely correct. Kazakhstani people have entrusted their fate and the fate of the country to Nursultan Nazarbayev, electing him the President of the country. And during 25 years the Head of the state is a key guarantor of the country's dynamic development for all of its citizens, because the ideas of the Head of the state have ensured the prosperity of Kazakhstan from the earliest days of Independence, - stated N. Nigmatulin

The organizers of the International Conference “25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Outcomes. Accomplishments. Vision for Future”, which takes place today in Astana, are the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Parliamentarians and experts from Belarus, Belgium, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Finland, Germany and Sweden attends the forum.

Discussion of topical issues will be held in three thematic sessions: “The main results of the economic and political reforms in Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstan in world policy”, “Kazakhstan: Vision for Future”.

(distributed by the Mazhilis Press Office, photo by Zh. Kuspanov)

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